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Photograph Despite Fear


Below is repurposed from an article I wrote in 2016.

Much progress has happened in the past five years, but first, the back story. The above is a photograph from 2016, taken at Church Conference in St. Louis. This photo has tremendous value to me, as I almost did not get this shot. For the past decade, I had been playing it safe in life. Although I loved my job, I was comfortable. I carried a camera to most places, yet did not shoot. If I did think of taking pictures, I would say to myself, “Next time.” I had a hard time using my camera because of the internal struggle that was going on. My mind was plagued with fear and doubt.

Something in me changed that day in St. Louis. I was sitting about 300 feet away from the stage. The lights dimmed, and then this lady came out to sing. The battle of fear raged inside of me. Something tweaked in me, and I faced my fears: I went up to the stage and took the photo. I am so glad I did as this was a tremendous life lesson: If I give in to fear and decide not to photograph, the result will be I will have no photographs.

Photography doesn’t care how I am feeling. I might be nervous, fearful, or worried, so what? I need to get up and get the shot. My new call to action is to push through the fears and doubts and photograph anyways.

That was only one event, but how do I repeat facing my fears and getting the shot. This where aphotoessay comes in.

Today is the day I stand up and get off my sofa and photograph. Today is the day I focus on documenting the process learned to face fear and be creative! If your up for it, join me! Comment below and share how you faced fear, and created something, and shipped it.

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