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3 Reasons to Print Your Photos

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

How many of us have photos buried on our computers, phones, and tablets? Growing up, my father would often host a social coffee night. His friends would sit with a cup of coffee, and listen to him share about his European adventures. When I say slides, I don't mean a Key Note presentation. We had a slide projector with slides in a carousel. Gone are those days. If you are married, when was the last time you and your spouse flipped the wedding photo album pages?

A month ago, I never thought of printing my photographs. I was then introduced to Dan Milnor. In the video above, Dan gives some very compelling reasons for why photographers should consider to their work.

Here are 3 reasons why printing your photos is something to consider.

  1. We will become better at editing our photos. It can be so easy to post without thinking. There is no cost to upload our photos. There is a cost too printing.

  2. Photographers who print their work will stand out. Who else does this? Not many.

  3. Printed work increases our skill level as a photographer. If we learn the skill of putting together a photo book, we will learn to be selective and sequence photos.

For a while, I needed some way to share the great experiences from an adventure in 2019. I just wasn't sure how to do this. The above video sparked some good ideas, and I got busy creating my first attempt at a photo magazine. Expect an sample very soon.

Has anyone decided to print their work? If so drop me a line with your printed work.

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