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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

A new photo taken or an old one edited, posted daily.

June 9th 12:22pm. Studying from Chase Jarvis's book club, "Creative Calling."

June 10th 1:08pm. Rush inside from fixing lawn mower, photographed anything I could find that looked interesting.

June 11th, 10:16am. Working through self doubt, photographed anyways. I find this photo engaging, asking where does the wire go. Good question to consider, "Am I plugged in and if so where will the energy lead?

June 12th 12:40pm. Early morning coffee. 4:55am this is my best hour to do creative thinking. The past week was not the best being up at 4:55am, but I am confident next week will be better.

June 13th 12:46pm. Tired from a busy week, but stayed the course and posted this desk shot by 1pm.

June 14th 9:10am. I am about to enter a busy period, so I made sure to get this posted by 1pm.

June 15th 12:33pm. Original photo was cluttered, looked around and photographed this bulb in the basement. Overall I am pleased with this shot.

June 16th 12:21pm. Now it is over a week of 1x1 photos! Learning that doing 1 small thing is better than doing a BIG nothing.

June 17th 12:50pm. Today was tired and tempted to take a nap, instead photographed a bike in our basement and uploaded this photo before 1.

June 18th 12:42pm. I had to make a choice, do I do the dishes and rush the photo or do I take the photo first. I choose to take the photo first.

June 19th 12:50pm. I am really enjoying this project. Photographing daily and posting by 1pm is teaching me discipline and focus. A style is forming, black and white with grain is my thing. I miss the good old days of college enlarging photos with toxic fumes!

June 20th 12:58pm. I was watching "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' and got distracted. Wow! I want to go to Iceland.

June 21 12:48pm. Photo taken early in the morning. Glad I did take this as I got busy and needed something to upload,

June 25th 12:41pm, We went away on vacation, I could have done a better job of planning how to post by 1:00pm. Despite not posting for a few days, I felt like my photography went up a few notches. The above was taken in Jasper, Alberta.

June 26th 12:47pm. Jasper, lessoned applied, get photograph from different angles. I was lying on the ground to get this shot. Future 1x1's I will create and post daily based off a weekly theme.

June 27th 5:34pm. What? Why so late? The editor will be furious. Oh wait, I am the editor.

I am seeing a trend here, and need to get refocused on the next week, photos in by 1pm.

June 28, 1:23pm. Super excited, I figured out how to post from the Wix Ap.

June 29, 9:10am. Photo essay frame 1: “The Comic”

June 30, 8:53am. Since using the Wix Ap photos are now being uploaded on time.

July 1st, 12:28pm. Taken at the local supermarket. Really enjoying the discipline of every day posting by 1 PM.

July 2, 12:43pm. A gripping eye shot of a kitty.

July 3, 8:24am. Experimented today, took the kettle off the stove, put it on the floor. Placed camera right up to the kettle and put placed my hand in the photo.

July 4, 12:45pm. Taken in 2015, downtown Toronto. I was waiting in traffic, pulled out my phone and snapped away. July's goal is to set up an online store. This will be posted up for sale as a wall print.

July 5, 7:16am. This week I am going to photograph the theme of pens.

July 6, 7:29am. Pen Day 1.

I chose the opening shot to start with a pen and box. The pen is in focus, the background blurry. I over saturated the colours to spark excitement and livelihood.

July 7th, 11:35am. Today project 62 was born. I set the goal, by 4:00 pm on September 30th I will find work as a photo journalist. Sometimes the value of art is not the beauty of the creation rather it’s the emotional attachment to the subject. This is the pen that I used to write out the details of project 62.

July 8, 11:32pm. The pen gives life to our internal world.

July 9th, 9:36am. Today mapped out a portfolio strategy. The goal is by next Friday to have professional portfolio of 10 images.

July 10th, 12:21pm. I started practicing lighting. This is a pivotal shot, as I feel my work jumped up a notch. Incase you are wondering there is a pen in the photo. I am very thankful to have read Atomic Habits by James Clear. The main point of the book is, tiny steps each day can produce massive results. This is why I started the 1x1 project. I knew producing 1 photo every day and posting it by 1pm would produce great results!

July 13th, 12:24pm. New weekly theme black & white architecture.

July 14th. 12:49pm. Photo taken 2014, Seattle downtown. By scheduling in time after lunch for social media, I am able to consistently upload before 1pm.

July 15th, 12:08pm. Photo taken in 2014 somewhere in Seattle. I am really liking high contrast black and white photographs.

July 16th, 10:57am. Seattle on a rainy day. Posting by 1pm is now becoming a habit. I had an appointment at 12pm, and thought, I need to post before this to make the deadline.

July 17, 11:18pm. Taken in 2014, Seattle somewhere downtown.

July 20th, 9:27am. New weekly theme - "Lego Bugatti" I am really enjoying the 1x1 project, this allows me to work on photos that might have gotten buried.

July 21, 10:45am. This was taken in a field close by. It was good to get out of the house.

July 21, 9:30am. We took the Bugatti out for a spin, and needed to fill up.

July 23rd, 11:45am. Bugatti at the gas station, with owner.

July 24, 10:26am. Final day of the Bugatti series. Learning a lot from the 1x1 project.

Main lesson is, the value of creating daily with a time deadline.

July 27th, 12:52pm.

This weeks theme, “The Great Outdoors.” Taken just outside Canmore, AB at

Grassi Lake.

July 28th, 12:10pm. Banff, Sulfur Mountain Tram. 2 hour + hike or 3 minute ride. We choose the ride up.

July 29th, 12:28pm. Taken at Grassi Lake, just outside Canmore.

August 10th, 8:40am. New week theme, "Waterfall"

July 30, 31 are missed days as I was busy getting ready for our Alberta mountain tour.

August 3rd - 7th I was on vacation. Now I am back at posting 1x1's.

August 11th, 7:36am. Somewhere in Jasper, AB National Park. I took a risk and climbed up top. So glad I did!

August 12, 12:45pm. Jasper, AB, right off the highway.

August 13, 12:11pm. Jasper, AB Water fall.

August 14, 10:42am. This was a fun assignment and quite the adventure.

August 17, 11:23am. New week series, "The Coffee Mug".

August 18, 10:02am. I am excited to work on a new plan. Currently the 1x1 project is a bit random. I am pleased that each week there is a theme, however I was looking for a bit more focus. The idea I had was create 5 photos per week with the target of landing photo assignments. Each week I would pick magazines or small businesses and photograph around a theme that they might need. At the end of the week I would send over the work and see if they needed a photographer. Expect more details shortly...

August 20, 3:30pm. I got busy the past day finishing a magazine I am producing.

Aug 21, 10:56am. Getting better at organization. I photographed and prepared it for upload. So glad I did, as today was busy.

Aug 24, 1:57pm. New weekly theme, Panoramic's. We went for a walk at 12:20pm. I knew I would be back later than planned. But decided to miss the deadline to spend time with family. Taken in Canmore with an Iphone 8.

Aug. 25, 8:46am. Somewhere close to Canmore. If you want to post articles or photos consistently, I highly recommend setting everything up at one time. Yesterday I spent about 40 minutes organizing my photo posts. Each day I upload and write a quick summary. This saves so much time.

Aug. 26, 9:11am. Banff, Bow River Trail.

Aug 27, 11:13am. Canmore, on the way to the Three Sisters Mountains.

Aug 28th, 7:37am. Canmore. This was a great week of posting on time 1 photo by 1pm. Moving forward, each week I will spend about 30 minutes picking the theme and prepare the photos for upload.

Aug 31st, 9:47am. New series, Edmonton, 104th Street Promenade. In February, I took a walk on a cold winter day along the trendy Edmonton 104 street. This series has personal meaning for me. During this time, I was searching for purpose to my art.

Sept 1st, 12:39pm. I am thinking of creating another series of photographs on this theme. I noticed the original photographs taken in Feb. were sub par. It would neat to see the progress.

Sept 2nd, 8:31am. I added a bit of grain to this photo to give a feeling of nostalgia. This is a famous building on 104 street known as the Mercer Building. I used to drive truck and deliver milk to the cafe in the basement.

Sept 3rd, 11:25am. Workers on their way down 104 street.

Sept 8th, 12:30pm. A different kind of theme for the week. This weeks theme.

Social Media Planning" Some weeks were perfect posting 1 photo by 1pm. Some weeks I missed a day or two, I found when life got busy I posted less or missed the 1 pm deadline. Moving forward, this week I will flush out a content strategy of what is posted when. I recommend the above video from Ashlyn Carter. I am considering using her recommended Ap Plan That. or something similar.

Do you have a social media content plan?

If so please share what you do to stay engaged but not swamped.

Sept 9th, 8:13amm. This post was created the day before. Yesterday I started using the free trial of plannthat. This has opened the door for some creative ways to schedule in social media posting.

Sept 10th, 8:30am. The above is a screen shot of a draft post. This explains the methodology of how I schedule in a post of 1 photo x 1 pm M-F.

Sept. 11th, 11:22am. This post was created yesterday. It feels peaceful to batch posts ahead of time.

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