Project 62

Due Sept. 30.

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Day 1

Coffee & Playlist


Mapping out strategy.

Goal is set.

4:00 pm Sept 30th, find work as a photojournalist.

Day 2

The day started out strong but slowed down to rest.

More planning and research.

Working on the 5 moves strategy from Brendon Burchard's book, "High Performance Habits"


Would rather show all work, but rest is essential.

Day 3

Starting early.

Portfolio Planning

Reviewing studied notes.

Wall Board Tweak

Refining the strategy.

File Clean Up

Organizing Memory Cards

Day 4

Using the Pomodoro Technique. 25 minutes focus word, followed by 5 minute break.

Learning Book

When shooting, I write down things learned, and review right after.

$1.50 Studio

Don't believe the hype, you can create great work with minimal cost and space.

Thinking Man

This photo was created in our laundry room.

Portfolio Piece #1

A series about my focus rock.

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